10 health benefits that you delivered the Bananas or plantains

10 health benefits that you delivered the Bananas or plantains
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Perhaps you’re used to eating bananas or bananas in desserts, salads and snacks, but you’ve never wondered what properties have. Besides being delicious, it is one of the main businesses of the world and a widespread food around the world. The banana is a completely organic fruit that is full of vitamins and minerals. It is known and appreciated for its numerous health benefits and health. Banana consumption is especially recommended in the diets of children who often need a food to help them satisfy the hunger quickly.

It is also recommended for athletes, who need energy to improve their performance. In addition to these benefits, however, there are many other reasons to start including more bananas in your diet.


The consumption of a banana a day will provide you with benefits in the case of health:
Kidney Cancer
nausea of pregnancy
are also extremely efficient on the urge of brain functions

1. prevents the body to lose calcium
bananas help the body to improve the conservation of calcium, and thanks to this, the minerals we consume are easier to be absorbed by our teeth and bones.

2. stimulates the intelligence
bananas are capable of stimulating the functions of your brain as your reasoning ability. This is a consequence of the high potassium content residing on bananas that enhance and stimulate brain activity.

3. prevents kidney cancer
due to its ability to promote the absorption of calcium, bananas, prevent the formation of kidney stones and therefore prevents any form of damage to the kidneys, as well as kidney cancer, while at the same time helps strengthen bones and teeth.

4. combats anemia
wealth in iron helps to strengthen and stimulate your immune system and blood so that it can fight anemia naturally.

5. helps with healthy digestion
bananas are full of dietary fiber and as a result combat constipation and indigestion by stimulation of motility and normalization of the intestine.

6. regulates blood sugar levels
bananas are an excellent regulator of blood sugar levels and also help to combat the symptoms of the premenstrual, depression and improve your state of mind.

7. prevents heart attack and stroke
bananas regular consumption reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke thanks to bananas that are rich in potassium and low in sodium.

8. combat depression
bananas contain a compound called tryptophan that is transformed into serotoninacuando enters your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates and improves your state of mind.


9. it prevents inflammations

Bananas are rich in many compounds anti – inflammatory, as well as vitamin B6, which also have a role in prevention of inflammation in the joints, diabetes type 2 and help to stabilize and calm the nervous system.

10. increases your energy levels
bananas enhance energy levels that’s why are recommended for consumption before the training. They do a great job as Energizer, so you know that you need to start including them in your daily diet.

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