10. great benefits for your health by walking every day

We could say that walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet, can help you avoid all visits to your doctor. With only 15 or 30 minute walk every day, you will drastically improve not only your physical appearance, but also your health. Due to profitability which is the old habit of walking, we get aware of the things that they pass to your body if you can practice walks to benefit in a significant way to the entire body and mind. It is free, easy and requires very little effort. We will now see a list with all the benefits that can bring you a daily walk:

1. positive changes in the brain

Different studies show that low-impact exercises, such as walking, prevent early dementia, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and improve your mental health in general terms. To all this we add that it reduces mental stress and cause a high level of endorphins.

2 improve vision

At first glance, it seems that the eyes have no connection with the legs, but walking also benefits your visual health. It can even help you to combat glaucoma, dissipating the pressure in view.

3. it prevents heart disease

According to the American Heart Association, if we talk about the prevention of diseases related to the heart or stroke, walking is not less effective than running. This activity helps to prevent heart problems because it reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as improve blood circulation.

4 increases lung capacity

As we all know, walking is an aerobic exercise that increases the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream and helps to strengthen your lungs, as well as eliminating toxins and waste. To be able to breathe better and deeply you can help relieve some symptoms associated with lung diseases.

5. beneficial effects in the pancreas

Walking is a much more effective measure that if we talk about the prevention of diabetes. There is a study which showed that a group of “walkers” achieved improvements in glucose tolerance, even larger than the Group of “runners” during a trial period of 6 months.

6 improving digestion

If you dedicate yourself to walk 30 minutes every day can not only reduce the risk of colon cancer in the future, but also improving our digestion and prevent constipation, what helps to regulate our bowel movements.

7. it stimulates the muscles

In addition, you can tone muscles and lose weight if you walk. The practice of 10 thousand steps a day can count as a routine full in a gym, especially if you add some intervals or hiking on a hill. The exercise is low impact and does not need recovery time, which means that you probably don’t have any muscle pain, nor much less regrets by Miss the workout the next day because of the pain in the muscles.

8. strengthening of bones and joints

If you walk, you’ll have even more mobility in the joints, prevents the loss of bone mass, and also reduces the risk of fractures. The Arthritis Foundation suggests walking at least 30 minutes a day on a regular basis to reduce pain in your joints, as well as muscle stiffness and inflammation.

9 relief of back pain

This exercise is low impact and therefore can become a real lifesaver for those who experience back pain when performing high-impact exercises and require more effort. Since it is a low impact activity, does not cause discomfort. Walking help to improve blood circulation between the spinal structure and to improve posture and flexibility, which is vital for a spine healthy.

10. a more peaceful mind

It was found that walking improves the symptoms of depression in patients suffering from acute depressive disorders. I.e., too many are the benefits so that does not help you make daily walks, then you can overcome tiredness and boredom, aside from all the positive aspects that are already listed. You know, it improves your life and also your mood on a daily basis.

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