You should not eat these foods at night if you want to lose weight and sleep well

During the night, the body enters sleep and digestion becomes slower, so not eating properly can generate various discomforts, com reflux or discomfort. But particularly eating certain foods before going to sleep can be harmful to those who are trying to lose weight.

In addition there are to take into account that the metabolism slows down, so if consumed large amounts of calories, these will be much more likely to become fat and lead to weight gain.

But to make this not happen should know what are the foods that you should avoid at dinner if you want to lose weight and sleep well.


1 paste

Eat pasta in the evening is not a good idea, since carbohydrates are very difficult to digest for the body and tend to quickly become fat if consumed at night.

In addition the pasta is usually accompanied by other ingredients such as meat, sausages or creates, what makes it even more calories. If you want to eat carbohydrates at dinner, although it is not recommended, you can opt for brown rice.


2 junk food

This type of food always give us much fat, and especially if it is night. It is very difficult to digest and less if we go to bed immediately. Not only helps increase weight, but it also damages your rest.

Avoid the burgers, pizza and fried food lower any concept.


3 soft drinks and sweets

These foods have a huge concentration of sugar, resulting in addition to sharply increase the glucoca in the blood, cause different disorders.

In addition to the weight gain, it is shown that both fat and sugar have a direct impact on the brain waves, which can seriously alter your rest. In fact, the high concentration of sugar in the blood is associated with a higher rate of nightmares.


4. cooked vegetables

The truth is that it is not necessary to delete them completely from the dinner, but if your quantity, it could be longer than fiber-containing, although healthy, needs time to be digested. And to eat in a healthy way perhaps you can eat too much and complicate digestion.

No abuses of cooked vegetables only because they are healthy, better combine them with raw vegetables, but always in small portions if it is night.


5 legumes

It is a very healthy food, but very difficult to digest, it may also tend to inflame the stomach.

Eating just before going to sleep will it accumulate in the body instead of being digested, so it will increase the weight and will generate stomach pains. It is best to replace them with seeds.


6 chocolate

Eat a small portion of dark chocolate a day will not increase your weight, which also contains antioxidants and is good for brain health.

However if that portion comes it at night, all the calories will become them fat if you do it just before going to bed. It also has caffeine, so it will significantly alter your rest.

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