The surprising Soursop is more than a Simple fruit. Is anti-cancer

The surprising Soursop is more than a Simple fruit. Is anti-cancer
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This wonderful fruit is amazing because many years ago that all parts of the plant are used in natural medicine. We talk about the bark, leaves, roots and fruits, but the part that contains the highest concentration of active ingredients that are beneficial to human health is sheet.

Another fact is that years ago was used as an insecticide without causing any adverse effects in animals and man. As additional information, the Guanábana is the plant anti carcinogen more powerful on the planet, used for more than 4 decades.

Guanabana or Graviola is a very delicate dark green fruit covered with soft spines. It is large and very thin shell.

This fruit must be harvested before they are ripe, its pulp is white, creamy, fleshy, juicy and slightly acid.


The soursop is made up of water for the most part and its pulp offers dozens of nutrients including high doses of vitamin C, helping to keep you balanced and healthy levels of antioxidants in the body.

She also proteins, mineral salts, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and lipids. As if that little, outside has a high caloric value by their carbohydrate, so it is not advisable to consume too much if it’s getting diet.

However, soursop can consume natural juice or jam, delivers other benefits to the body due to its rich nutritional composition. Guanabana also has antibacterial qualities that make it an effective remedy against infections by bacteria and fungi.

10 benefits of Soursop

Anti carcinogenic
combat asthma
combats hypertension
combats diabetes
protects the immune system
Desinflama colon
lowers cholesterol and the triglycerides
fortifies the intestinal flora
helps to stabilize the liver functions

Soursop leaf tea

The most beneficial way to take it just like any other herb is to use the fresh leaves of the tree with sufficient degree of development. Bring to a boil seven or eight leaves in two litres of water. Place the leaves in the water from the moment that the Bowl starts to fire slow. When it begins to boil, leave on for five to six minutes and shut down. Strain and sweeten with honey. You should drink three or four times a day. It should only take 1 handful of dried sour SOP leaves, 1 cup of hot water and drink.

It can also be prepared as well: put the equivalent to one cup of water in a pot and let heat until it boils. When the water reaches the boiling point it adds a handful of soursop sheets and let boiling for 3 minutes. Past this time turn off the heat, cover and let rest another 3 minutes. Finally strain and drink. If you wish you can sweeten with honey.

Soursop juice

Need to be pieces of soursop in a blender without the seeds, add 1 ½ cup water or milk, mix until the soursop is incorporated completely with liquid. Add honey if you want. To be able to take advantage of its benefits, we recommend to take half a glass of soursop juice in fasting, and do not increase the amount until they have passed more or less one or two weeks.

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