Sweeten your day with this recipe of pudding of Dulce De Leche

This recipe is easy, does not require oven and it will take only 5 ingredients and 6 steps. The flavor of this pudding with dulce de leche, prepared a water bath will conquer your palate, so put hands to the work and get this typical Brazilian candy.

-This recipe is for 4 people.

You’ll take-in hours and 30 minutes.

-It is within the category of desserts and have a low difficulty. You’ll also spend very little money.




1.mezcla dulce de leche with eggs, milk, and corn starch.


Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 1


2 pour the sugar into a mold with a hole in the Center and put it to fire low so it melts slowly. stir until the sugar becomes caramel, remove it from the heat, wait for it to cool a little and with a spoon sprinkle candy across the inner surface of the mould.


Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 2


3. in a large pot put a finger of water at room temperature and add vinegar. This, so the pot no darkens with the boiling of water when we put the pudding bath.

Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 3


4 fit the mold with caramel in the Pan and pour in the pudding with dulce de leche brewing it previously, so there are no lumps.


Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 4


5. cover pan with aluminum foil, then cover with a lid and turn on a low heat. Cook the pudding with dulce de leche to simmer for 30 minutes.

Note: uses a stick or a knife to prick do and see if it is ready. If it comes out clean is already is.

Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 5


6 after Cook pudding with dulce de leche a Bain-Marie, remove mould from the pot and leave to cool for two hours at room temperature. Then put it two hours more in the fridge and you’re ready to enjoy.


Recommendation: Put a little cream over pudding and you will see how it will be even more delicious.

Data: It is important that the pudding cools well to unmold easily.


Receta de Budín de dulce de leche - Paso 6

Now just need enjoy this dessert!

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