Sponge cake with rum for Christmas nuts, recipe step by step surprise your family!

Christmas every day are more fences, become parties, gifts, decorations, food and many details that we share with our families and close friends.

At this important time, we must take into account many issues, especially the food already you have entire menu designed for those days?

Today we will show you a delicious and spectacular cake to do it. Then you can share it with your family and friends during these important dates.

You will then see a simple step by step how to perform this divine Christmas cake. In addition, we’ll let you all necessary materials, to get you started them to search now.

So you can do it very soon and perhaps improve the recipe with some of your favorite ingredients. They are going to love!

Materials to begin:

225g butter without salt at ambient temperature, 225g muscovado sugar or brown.
225g plain flour – 150 cm³ of Apple juice. 2 tablespoons maple syrup, 800g of mixed nuts.
5 tablespoons of dark rum, 175g of dried cranberries.
4 eggs, 2 tsp of mixed spice, zest of one Orange, 85 g chopped nuts.

Step by step:

1 put the Apple juice to the cooking.

2. place 50 grams of butter to the previous step

3 remove from fire and add two tablespoons of rum and maple syrup.

4. then add the nuts and cranberries. Take it to the fridge overnight.

5 Preheat oven to 160 degrees.

6. in the Blender place the butter and the sugar. See mixing.

7. place the eggs, add the flour and salt. Still mixing.

8. then add the orange zest, walnuts and dried fruit

9 keep mixing.

10. in a mold, fill it with butter and some flour so the mixture does not stick and burn.

11 bake for 90 minutes. 1

2. let cool and decorate as more you like.

13 and ready! You will have a delicious dessert for Christmas who already come to our life.


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