Miracle milkshake in a week tea will make weight loss

As we have seen in the past, today we will try to tell you about a way to improve their quality of life and in the same way, lose weight. It is of general knowledge that welfare body passes through various aspects of our life, is not only eat well or exercise. We must also relax and take things easy since a high level of stress is just as dangerous, so health is something very global and general.
If we talk about the body, we must mention what worries them most people: body weight. Not only because being overweight means having a low health or even heart problems, but because aesthetics has become something very important and can lead to problems of self-esteem.

People do not care much what they eat until they are given has that your body has changed and that they should do something about it so we recommend a smoothie which will help you to lose weight by far, let’s see how.



6 almonds
3 tablespoons of oat
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 cup water or milk of almonds
1 banana



Take all ingredients and put in Blender. Blend well, tries to take this step calmly since we must obtain a mixture as homogeneous as possible. Once you see that all the ingredients are mixed, then your batter is ready.
You can add ice if you like, but is not to add any sweetener, if you want, you can use honey but that is organic and just a touch. Because if we add unnecessary things to shake we will not obtain what we want. Ready, your batter is completed.


Mode power consumption:

This should be consumed beaten every day for a week, preferably, in fasting so you can see the best results. The key is in the ingredients, which widely improve our metabolism, speeding it up and helping to throw away all the toxins.


Advantages of the consumption of almonds

Most epidemiological studies and experts agree that a regular intake of between 7 to 15 almonds a day can develop all of these virtues in organism:

Cardiovascular health: related consumption regular almonds with a lower incidence at the time cardiovascular disease. The reason has to do, fundamentally, with the benefits that bring their polyunsaturated fats to cholesterol DHL and LHL balance and a lower oxidation of cholesterol LHL.

Almonds does not make you gain weight: reveal that regular consumption of almonds is associated with a lower incidence of overweight or obesity. Moreover, the International Journal of obesity or Obesity magazine ensure that almonds, in fact, help to lose weight.

It prevents poisoning by alcohol: numerous publications say that taking a five almonds before drinking alcohol increases tolerance to this and prevent intoxication. Moreover, it reduces the effects of the hangover. Not found scientific references on the subject, but I could be a grandmother remedy corroborated by historical experience. So, before a company dinner or a birthday, might be good idea take some almonds. Since rich nutrients will be incorporated into our body.


Almendras y diabetes

Existen diversos estudios, como el realizado por el Colegio Americano de Nutrición, señalan que el consumo regular de almendras previene y mejora la diabetes tipo II fundamentalmente porque regula la sensibilidad de los enfermos a la insulina, necesaria para equilibrar los niveles de glucosa. Recuerda que siempre debes pedir la opinión profesional de tu doctor ya que esta receta no reemplaza un especialista.

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