Delicious farmer bread recipe

Bread is one of the foods his preparation is the oldest, certainly this food has accompanied human beings from thousands of years ago. Over time, your preparation is has improved, so every day is more simple, independent of the type of bread you want to prepare, as in the case of peasant bread.

There are several recipes of peasant bread, according to the tradition of the area and personal preferences. However, the following recipe will serve as the basis for other similar preparations.

The bread is made up of four basic ingredients: wheat flour, yeast, salt and water. There are many myths about this food, one of them is that it provides only carbohydrates and fattening. While it is undeniable component of carbohydrate in the chemical composition of wheat flour, does not necessarily mean to be negative counterproductive for the organism.

In fact the carbohydrates are also required for the proper functioning of the body, in general. There is also a food only composed of carbohydrates, food chemistry does not work as well. So you should be very careful with the myths.

Contributions and wheat flour nutritional facts

There are great nutritional opportunities within the bran wheat and probiotics. In short, are the elements that are used to make both high-quality flours and other various foods.

Wheat is the only cereal that is optimal for bread nutritional planning and management. I.e., the realization of country bread would be quite unlikely, if not for the final production of the refined wheat flour, with or without yeast and wheat bran.

Always be very careful with the portions, 200 gr. of bread do not pose a danger to your weight, if you have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet lifestyle. But if this is not your case and you have bad eating habits, then the bread not recommended for you.

Country bread


  • 4 cups of flour, without yeast
  • 1 tablespoon of yeast to flour
  • 10 cups of warm water
  • 1 tablespoon salt


1 you must have a large bowl, preferably deep, so you can contain all the ingredients.

2 Add all the dry ingredients in the bowl. Flour, salt and yeast, making sure to fix a hole which you will then pour the water.

3. then add the water and begins to stir. You can do it with a plastic or wooden paddle to prevent lumps. The mixture must be homogeneous.

4 it is the time of kneading, in this step you have to be emphatic. Do this with both hands so that you mix it is soft, manageable and free of lumps.

5. the result would be a firm but elastic dough.

6. now you have to do the elongated form characteristic of peasant bread.

7 it is baked at a temperature of 120 ° C for 25 minutes, approximately.

8 remove, let cool slightly at room temperature and enjoy it.

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