5. secrets of the Japanese to be so thin and healthy

We are confident that on more than one occasion ever wondered why the Japanese are so thin if you eat so much rice. What happens is that the vast majority of Western nutritionists teach us that carbohydrate consumption is the key to moving up in weight, but in truth we should doubt it.

If that recommendation was accurate, not explains why Japanese and even those who mimic their lifestyle without being born in Japan, they are not only very thin, they are also significantly more healthy.

What’s more, according to a study by the National Center for Global Health and medicine in Tokyo (Japan), people who follow the recommendations of power of Japan have 15% less likely to die compared with those who do not follow it.

On this occasion, we present 5 secrets that explain the thinness and good health of the Japanese and that others would be mno that everyone put into practice.



1. they eat vegetables at all meals

The consumption of vegetables in the Japanese diet is very high and very important. In addition, combine well so vegetables to incorporate the greater amount of nutrients. It is true that the Japanese consume much rice and other carbohydrates, and that they are still thin. But the truth is that they have with what counteract it: eat vegetables at all meals.


2 they take green tea

This tea is rich in antioxidants, so it slows down aging. But in addition, it helps lose weight, because it speeds up the metabolism and diuretic. Green tea is a healthy and classic super infusion in Japan. There it is not uncommon to take more than 3 cups a day of this amazing drink.



3. do not consume too much saturated fat

As in the Japanese Diet almost no this type of fat is consumed, except in small proportions, it is normal that the Japanese are so thin. Saturated fats are a true misfortune in the food, which in the West we are unfortunately accustomed. Junk food and sausages, for example, are full of these bad fats, which not only fat but are also harmful to health. It is especially present in animal protein (except fish).




4 consume much omega-3

Although the fish is the main source of Omega-3, it is not the only. For vegetarian diets, you can find this fatty acid vital for the body: dried fruit, seed Chia, and hemp, olive oil, spinach, among others. In Japan, one of the most common proteins is fish and seafood. These foods are rich in Omega-3, which have a key role in the health of the brain and the heart. In addition, it is a food that helps to reduce the accumulated fat.


5 step

The habit of walking towards work and in general to all sides, significantly helps keep you fit and healthy. This is the last secret of the Japanese which explains its thinness: walk much. In fact, fashion’s get walking 10 has been imposed in Japan. 000 steps daily.

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