4 easy snacks that will leave your guests with more desire to

If you have a lunch or dinner, appetizers or snacks are the best choice to succeed as a chef and host. And is that sometimes, even though we have clear entree that we cook, we don’t know what supplement it so that it is enough. and obviously, to show us.

It is then when the starters become our best ally, especially if they are easy to make and not rob us of long time. Usually the main dish is our efforts, so keep on hand some more quick and easy recipes to start a meal, it is never more.

A very important point is that beyond its difficulty, the appetizers we have special care with the presentation, since it is the best way to draw the attention of the guests in the case of a plate.

Today, we bring you four simple ideas that you can look. In addition, they are designed recipes that also might the smaller House, so there will be no human being that can resist.


1. baskets of ham, cheese and chives
learn how to make puff pastry stuffed with ham and cheese. It is a recipe that gives us the possibility to play with the ingredients, adding others that we like most.


20 sheet wafers
4 chives
1-2 tablespoons sugar

2 large eggs
100 cc of cream
300 gr of ham
350 gr of cream cheese
salt and pepper to taste


First Brown some 4 or 5 scallions in oil. Add one or two tablespoons of sugar and allow to Brown. Remove and set aside.
In a large bowl beat 2 eggs and add a little salt and pepper, add 2 tablespoons of cheese cream or 100 cc of milk cream if you prefer. Armen the baskets, fill them and place them on a cookie sheet sprayed with vegetable spray or oiled and floured. Place in oven strong until golden brown, about 15 minutes approximately.


2. bread rolls
learn how to make these rolls fresh and tasty using sliced bread. We can also vary the ingredients. Not only it is really easy to prepare them but that they are also very colorful.


4 slices of Crustless bread
cheese cream

Cooked ham


Just let fly your imagination and put hands to work. You should put the ingredients into the bread and roll.


3. flamenquines cheese
this recipe may be the preferred the smaller, impossible to fail. Only you must reuniro the ingredients and get your hands on. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, delicious!



8 loin fillets finite
8 slices cooked ham
8 slices of cheese

1 egg
bread crumbs


We extend the slices of ham and we put a slice of cheese. We rolled them by tightening.

Then we pass them through flour, egg and bread crumbs to fry them in hot oil. We give them the return in the oil until they are golden brown.

Remove them and leave them on paper towels to drain excess oil. We serve hot.


4. wheat tortillas stuffed with
if we love Mexican food, or at least relation to it, from the blog Anna recipes easy to teach us to make classic tortillas stuffed in two different ways: ham and cheese or tuna and cheese. Without a doubt, a safe bet.



8 wheat tortillas
tomato sauce

Gouda cheese


Chop ham, tortilla, put on top Gets a slice of cheese to melt. It gets to the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power, removed and allowed to cool a little, and is served.

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