10 terrible errors that commit to prepare Pasta and not tea as you wait

If you love pasta, prepare it almost every day, but you still make the same mistakes that do not leave it as good as it should be, then it is time to learn what you are doing wrong and how to remedy it.

If you manage to fix the entire process you can enjoy the perfect pasta, follow the following recommendations of Smithsonian Magazine and will be like everything a chef.


1. the pressure cooker is very small

If the pot you are very small chances are that the pasta is not well and stick.


2. do not you put salt and put oil

You put salt water before putting the noodles and it is advisable to put more than normal, something like a teaspoon per liter of water or until “know like the sea”. Put oil on the water is not recommended since it prevents the dough from sticking.


3 you put the pasta in water just begins to boil

It is best to wait until the water is boiling big bubbles with before putting the dough so it is soft and doughy.


4. do not you revuelves it

Then put the pasta in the pot you must return it immediately and you should also do this occasionally while cooking, so you avoid that it is sticky.


5 back to top

If you want it to start, make sure that it is slightly open, so will avoid to leave bubbles everywhere.


6 water boots

It is best to keep a little water from noodles to prepare pasta.


7. do not test if you are good at the right time

It is advisable to test whether pasta is to the date a few minutes before indicating the package.


8. do not you immediately drenas

You must remove it from the water just ready, because otherwise the cooking process will continue and will no longer be at the date. In addition to affecting the flavor of the food, said that the pasta overcooked is less healthy which is to the date.


9 put. you cold water

If you rinse it with cold water, you keeps absorbing well sauce because you quiet you starch.

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