9 Tips for Cashmere Sweater Care

Cashmere sweater care is actually not as difficult as it seems. But if you asked the question of how to care for your expensive and high quality cashmere sweater, I will have a few suggestions for you. As you can imagine, cashmere and cashmere silk knitwear require a little more care in terms of maintenance. If you give the necessary value to your cashmere sweaters that surround you with their softness, if you care for them properly, they can accompany you for many years. Do you have a cashmere sweater, a cashmere sweater or a cashmere turtleneck? When you look at the cashmere, it is not even a matter of prolonging the life of the sweaters. Let’s see together what are these features and care rules?

1. It is not recommended to keep cashmere sweaters hanging. It should be stored horizontally and folded in cabinets as much as possible.
2. When you wear a cashmere sweater, be careful not to wear anything other than underwear, such as an extra shirt or blouse so that it can air.

3. If there is fluff in the sweater, use special tools to collect lumps of wool, or you can collect a damp ladies’ sock by running it over the sweater.
4. Cashmere sweaters actually have a structure that can be worn in all seasons, but if you still intend to remove them seasonally, make sure to remove them after cleaning. The reason is that moths prefer stains and dirt in cashmere sweaters or any other product.
5. Remove each cashmere product by putting the vetiver in individual sachets.
6. Cashmere can be cleaned by giving it to dry cleaning or can be washed by hand at the temperature and spinning conditions specified in the product. Hand washing is more desirable when washed correctly.
7. Use of shampoo and warm water is appropriate when washing cashmere sweaters and cashmere cardigans by hand. You can wash it with gentle movements without rubbing, twisting and wringing to dry. It is useful to take care that the shampoo you use is a special wool shampoo.

8. Do not hang your cashmere sweater after washing, but lay it on a towel to dry it.
9. After your cashmere sweater dries, you can turn it over and iron it with a warm iron.