11 rules of gold that you must follow when buying food

It is an obvious aspect of the process of buying food, but not always put much attention to the expiration date. However, practice shows that that is not sufficient, since other not-so-obvious details should be taken into account. On this occasion, we have studied the points to which you should pay attention when you go to the supermarket and shares them with you.

  1. The expiration date depends on the category of the product

The way in which is written the expiration date on the label depends on how long it can be stored food. For example, products that only 72 hours, must have indicated the hour, day and month. Foods that are stored from 72 hours to 30 days: the day, month and year. And, finally, the merchandise that expires within months, must have its packaging the month and date.

2. incorrect labels

If the amount that comes out in your ticket purchase is very different to your calculations, not embarrassed look once more the price of the commodity at the counter. Often sellers forget to remove the incorrect label and, as a result, you get the food at a price different from that he thought.

3. it is forbidden to sell expired food

We can often see in-store merchandise that expired yesterday at deep discounts. While if stored properly the food still it can be good, it is forbidden to sell it under these conditions.

4. the conditions of storage are just as important as the expiry date

Even if food has still not expired or expired, you must take into account the storage conditions indicated on the packaging. An improperly canned food may be unfit to eat even if still missing days to your due date. When you buy a product that is preserved in a refrigerator, pay attention to the temperature inside: is displayed either on the screen of the device, or on a thermometer in one of your shelves.

5. foods that spoil quickly must be locally produced

When you buy products with short expiration date, should take into account where it was produced: how much closer is the place to shop, the greater the probability of buying a quality, fresh foods.

6. what natural or organic food?

As we have seen, the price of organic food is significantly greater than the natives. The word “organic”, which ensures that in the production were not used synthetic organisms genetically modified, pesticides and other chemicals, means that the manufacturer has a special certificate. The fruits and natural vegetables, in general, also produced without all of the agents listed above. Often the only difference is that the manufacturer has no certificate attesting it.

7 date of production or packaging?

To sell sliced or chopped foods, stores use some tricks and instead of food production date placed the date of packaging. Course that shops are obliged to specify in your date labels is, but in reality, people confuse is many times. So if you have some doubts about a food, ask the seller to show you the same papers certifying the date of production.

8. the expiration date of frozen food does not guarantee the quality

Stuck frozen foods, for example, vegetables or hamburgers, demonstrating that they were thawed and frozen again on multiple occasions, therefore, are not suitable to eat.

9. the label is an important document

Label and packaging not only must contain full information with the nutritional value of the food and the expiration date, but it must also give an account of data on its producer. In addition, you must show the legal address of the company that produces one or another product, and also the domicile of the factory which processes it. All dates must be clearly written: If the digits are fuzzy, have probably been modified.

10. discounts for the food that is expire

Often stores offered big discounts for merchandise whose expiration date is today or tomorrow. You can buy these products, but takes into account their storage conditions and eat them the same day.

11. the rule of 12 hours for packaged foods and salads

Another rule for cuts of meat, cheese and fish, made in stores and is that life does not exceed 12 hours from the time of its packaging. The same applies to all salads with mayonnaise.

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