11 great designs that make you life easier

Life is full of large and small inconveniences which could be solved with only a minimal change. But even happens to many how-to, so that today we bring you a gallery that will show you that there are geniuses who make our life easier day by day:

1 machine that charges you a dollar for when you don’t have money in cash, but want to leave a tip and just have your card

2 and the account this remote control to call your waiter, ask and ask you to clean the table

3 nothing better than have a chewing gum containing the paper where you going to throw

4. containers with a mini container that is assembled on its cover for the dressing. I need it in my life.

5 leave your supermarket cart to keep track of your expenses

6. this source of water used for humans and dogs

7. no more extensions, this built-in lace wing wall makes you never stay short

8 you may rescue your bag of tea in the bottom of the Bowl

9. This extender keys up to the smallest home can reach

10. my two things United favourites in the world: ice cream and wine


11. now just need a bouncing bed that will help you to upload

Fortunately, there are a few geniuses who have not had problems doing mental work for us and who have won our hearts for making things simpler. A round of applause, please.

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