10 articles of Aliexpress that will save you lots of money

10 articles of Aliexpress that will save you lots of money
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As much as you’ve decided to save, does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of too many things. Simply buy certain items that are efficient and help make your life more organized. The saving of natural resources will not only benefit your wallet, but that it will also bring to the ecology of the Earth.

We then show you some interesting devices that can help you in this task really worth!

LED floodlights with motion and sound EcoCat sensor

The focus is turned on by the sound and does not require any additional installation because everything is included. It is very useful to save electricity.

Device to prepare rolls

It may not be the most necessary article, unless you love to pamper yourself with rolls or sushi. Then, should be you because you can prepare these treats with your own hands instead of expensive orders.

Travel kitchen cutlery

Instead of buying disposable cutlery, this set to fashion will help you if you take it with you.

Rechargeable batteries

They are much better than regular batteries, simply be charged periodically.

Smart plug

This plug has a timer which can be programmed according to a schedule, to save electricity.

Water bottle with filter

We spend lots of money to buy disposable water bottles. The best option is to have a bottle of quality with a filter.

Solar charger

This is a perfect method to save electricity. It is compatible with any device charger and basically be paid only in a short time.

Liquid silicone for small repairs

If your charger cable is damaged or you need a phone holder, this glue can fix it, or even make this small piece missing.

Waterproof shoe

If you do not reach to buy boots for the rainy season, a good option are these waterproof shoe. They are very comfortable and they will for much longer.

Water filter

This is a diffuser which reduces water consumption by half. It is made so that the water flow becomes saturated oxygen, making it seem that the same amount of water flows, but is in fact spent much less.

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