Cashmere sweater care is actually not as difficult as it seems. But if you asked the question of how to care for your expensive and high quality cashmere sweater, I will have a few suggestions for you. As you can imagine, cashmere and cashmere silk knitwear require a little more […]

One of the common problems of women is fat accumulating in the hips and hips. Unfortunately, this area becomes thinner more difficult. At times we despair and try to get used to living with our huge hips. If you are in this attitude, give up immediately and get rid of […]

Amaretto is a type of Italian almond liqueur. The history of this drink, whose story is deep and sad, dates back to the 1500s. According to the narrative, Italian painter Bernadino Luini arrives in the town of Saronno, northwest of Milan. There, he stayed in an old inn and fell […]

It is no longer a dream to have kissable, plump, wonderful and glamorous lips! Thanks to the little tricks I will share with you, your lips will have an attractive appearance. It is always difficult to choose the right color for your lips. When we choose colors that are not […]

Yes, cherry stalk is very beneficial for health. So what are these benefits? Why shouldn’t we just throw away cherry stalks? Cherry stalk; It has anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), antiseptic, astringent, calming, detoxifying, diuretic and laxative effects. Cherry stalks have been proven to help strengthen nerves in the treatment of kidney, gout […]

Living with diabetes means that you are constantly aware of the impact of your food and drink intake and the food you eat on your blood sugar levels. Many people think you can’t eat candy or chocolate if you have diabetes, but in reality this is a myth. You can […]

This healthy pumpkin bread is made with healthy ingredients. Here is the diet pumpkin bread recipe … Ingredients You can use 450 g of grated raw pumpkin or 600 g of pumpkin puree. 4 organic eggs Small amount of coconut (optional) a pinch of sea salt 1/4 cup avocado oil […]

Lenfödem , lenf sıvısı dokulardan çıkamadığında ve dokularda biriktiğinde ortaya çıkar. Kollar ve bacaklarda hacim artar ve kronik ödem oluşur. Lenfatik sistem, her gün dört litreye kadar saflaştırılmış lenfleri kan dolaşımına geri taşır. Dokulardan sıvı akışı bozulursa, lenfödem gelişebilir. Modern tedavi seçenekleri ile lenfödem hastası normal bir yaşam sürdürebilir. İki […]

Women’s beauty routine consists of an infinite number of procedures, one of the most essential is epilating. Most of the women struggle to avoid being seen with hairs not desired in different areas of your body. Hair removal has evolved over time, more and more techniques exist to give end […]